best video editing app for low end devices in 2024

 In today's online world, video content reigns supreme. But what if your editing aspirations are stuck in limbo thanks to a less-than-stellar device? Fear not, aspiring Spielbergs! There are fantastic video editing apps out there tailored specifically for low-end devices, ready to unleash your inner filmmaker.

best video editing app for low end devices in 2024

Free and Fabulous:

OpenShot: Open-source and cross-platform, OpenShot boasts a surprisingly comprehensive toolkit for a free app. Trim, cut, merge clips, add titles, transitions, and even play with slow-motion and reverse effects. Its intuitive interface makes it perfect for beginners.

Shotcut: Another open-source gem, Shotcut packs a punch with multi-track editing, advanced audio tools, and support for a variety of video formats. While the learning curve might be slightly steeper than OpenShot, its sheer power and customizability make it a worthwhile investment.

VideoPad Video Editor: This free option offers a familiar timeline interface and a good selection of basic editing tools like trimming, cutting, and transitions. Although the free version comes with limitations like video export formats and watermarks, it's a great starting point for casual creators.

Premium Picks:

VideoProc: This paid software prioritizes efficiency and ease of use. Render videos quickly, even on older machines, with VideoProc's hardware acceleration engine. Its built-in screen recorder and video converter add extra value.

KineMaster: A mobile powerhouse, KineMaster brings high-quality editing to your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy multi-layer editing, chroma key, blending modes, and even audio mixing, all with a surprisingly user-friendly interface.

FilmoraGo: Another mobile app, FilmoraGo focuses on speed and simplicity. Add music, text, overlays, and even animated stickers to your clips with a few taps. Its intuitive interface and social media sharing options make it ideal for creating quick, engaging videos.


Hardware Matters: While these apps are optimized for low-end devices, complex projects or high-resolution videos might still cause lag. Keep your editing projects concise and avoid overloading your device.

Export Wisely: Choose lower video resolutions and bitrates for smoother editing and faster exporting.

Embrace Simplicity: Focus on storytelling and creative editing techniques rather than relying on heavy effects or demanding transitions.

Bonus Tip: Explore online video editors like Canva or Kapwing! They offer basic editing tools without needing to download any software.

So, there you have it! Ditch the limitations and unleash your creativity with these awesome video editing apps for low-end devices. Remember, great storytelling knows no hardware boundaries, so go out there and film your masterpiece!