How to Get Canva Pro FREE Lifetime 2024 (Access Magic Studio AI Video Generator!)

How to Get Canva Pro FREE Lifetime 2024 (Access Magic Studio AI Video Generator!)

 I'll show you how to get canva Pro free

lifetime 100% working and legit canva

Pro gives you access to all the premium

features including virtually unlimited

canva pro link free 2024

use of canva magic Studio which gives

you access to the groundbreaking canva

free AI video generator which you can

see how to use in the video above as

well as the canva free AI image

generator also explore the AI video

maker course link below to learn how to

profit from AI videos for just $1 now

let's get into this canva tutorial for

beginners on how to get canva Pro free

lifetime here we are over at

How to Get Canva Pro for FREE with Lifetime Access in 2024 (Magic Studio AI Included!)

and you can see I'm logged in with my

personal account which happens to be a

free account and the giveaway here as we

can see trra Pro is highlighted as an

option so when you follow this method of

how to get cana pro free you'll see that

I'm logged in under mfat and

you can see here that the TR cana pro

button has disappeared which means we

Step-by-Step Guide: Claim Your Free Canva Pro

are inside cana pro another giveaway

that we are inside canva free is if we

were to use magic Studio come over to

apps and then select magic media using

new design video so this is the new

canva magic media section where we have

a free AI image generator and a free AI

video generator we can see for both that

we have a limit of credits for free we

have 50 credits that regenerate every

month and for videos we only have five

credits that regenerate each month but

inside our cana pro free account we can

see if we go to the same magic media app

using new design video

that for the magic media AI image

generator we have 500 credits available

and for the free AI video generator we

have 50 credits available they both

Get Canva Pro's Design Power

refresh every month now to see how to

get canva free Pro we're going to use a

canva pro team link to access CRA Pro

for free there's a website that's been

set up called mfat so head

over there tap the blog page and from

here we can see we have a couple of

blogs posted November 7th and November

1st and we can click into these and

select a team within here these teams

have a maximum of 500 participants and

once they fill up this website will

produce a new blog post containing links

to new teams which you can then join so

for example we're going to go ahead and

click canva Pro for free scroll down and

click on one of these team links let's

choose team8 for now and straight away

just like that we have joined a team so

this account has already set up canra

Pro inside their teams for anyone to use

so we'll close that out and we can see

at the top here that this particular

team at mfat has 280

participants out of the maximum 500 you

can also see that previously I've joined

this other MFA tools team which has 352

out of the 500 so now again when I come

to apps magic media I'll use a new

design I can use magic media as an AI

video generator or as an AI image

generator via an Instagram post so for

example using magic media as AI video

generator we'll click this one and we

can see that we can choose between an AI

image generator or an AI video maker

speaking of AI image generators there

are a lot of amazing options even better

than canva so check out the video above

to see the top five free AI image

generator tools that are working right

now to see how to use the canva AI magic

Studio AI video generator tool check out

the video that I mentioned earlier it's

also linked at the end of this video you

can see we have 50 credits with the AI

video generator but if we keep joining

different teams via the MFA tools blog

site we'll be able to generate 50 new

credits Every Time We join a new team

and likewise with the AI image generator

we can see we have 500 credits which we

can again reset by joining a new team

now check out this video to see how to

use the canva free AI video generator

tool inside Cana magic Studio as I

mentioned earlier also subscribe to the

channel so you can get more AI updates