Telegram Tracking & Security: Kya Aap Safe Hain? | Is Your Chat Really Private? Explainer 2024

Telegram Tracking & Security: Kya Aap Safe Hain? | Is Your Chat Really Private? Explainer 2024

If any movie is released today, Animal is released, Donkey is released,
Salaar is released or if
Fighter is released tomorrow, then we have to watch it on the first day, if we wat to
watch it for free, then we
went and is it
possible to get hacked or not?  Or if
I refresh it, can
our details in Telegram be leaked
or not? Stay in this video
till the end and you guys are going to
get the concrete answer to this and I claim
that  After this, you people do
not need to watch any other video. I
will clear all your doubts on this particular topic.
Where can a hack be done? Is hacking
possible or not? Is the data
leaked or not? Where does the
meta data come from?  The confusion of IP address,
what is the system of cloud storage and data retention,
what do bots and third party integration mean for you guys? I will
tell you how much you need to know and after watching this video you guys will get
my guarantee.  All things will be
clearly understood. Okay friends, without any further
delay let's start the
video. So friends, first of all let's talk
about encryption. Now for that you
all know that will explain it in the right way.  I
try to make you all understand,
this is my message, this is my letter, okay,
I gave thi etter to the pigeon, okay, that
pigeon took it quietly and gave it to another pigeon,

the pigeon took it and the letter is in the message.

No one read it, I pressed it in my teeth like this and

gave it to that pigeon, that pigeon

took it from my tooth and

gave it to my girlfriend Okay, now what

happened in this, what happened in this is that the pigeon took it,

but the pigeon once  If I do

n't even open it, both my end and my girlfriend's

end are encrypted, which means that the

messages that I sent from here

and what she read there, were

not leaked anywhere in between, there was no data breach anywhere.

Nothing else came in between, okay,

this is what end-to-end encryption means,

now it is said that it is end-to-end encrypted,

but let me tell you friends from the

beginning that it is

not completely end-to-end encrypted, okay, there are

many things in it.  Data breaches happen many


but the exact meaning of their end-to-

end encryption is not as per the data, that is, the


can track the meta data and IP address on their special request.  This means that if

needed, he can do it, in which case he

can do it, in which case the authorities have

some concrete proof etc. that illegal activities or some illegal thing is taking place

on this channel or in this community which is a group.  If it is

happening or there is a

possibility of it happening, then in that case it

tracks the data. Okay, it

tracks meta data and IP address etc.

so that the police etc. can reach you. Okay,

what does this mean,

then you are not doing anything like this.  That yes, if

IB and CBI are behind you, then you are safe, it

is okay, this thing happens only when necessary,


if there is any suspicion of illegal activities etc., then this thing happens. If

we move towards the third point, then the third

point.  What comes to us is their system of cloud storage

and data retention. Okay,

now see, any messaging app

provides you a cloud storage.

What is cloud storage, where your

chat etc., whatever files you have in the chat, are there.

Whatever things you have sent back and forth, you must be

seeing that they remain saved. Okay,

whenever you wake up at the crack of dawn, you must be

seeing that

now all your

data, whatever your chats, whatever things

you have sent, are now in their cloud storage.  All the things that have been sent here and there are also being

stored with them, so if ever there is a

data breach in the future, if their systems are hacked,

then your data can be breached from there also,

but it is very difficult, so there is no need to worry

about it.  There

is no need for us to think that

what will we do if our own system gets hacked? Brother, if

their system or someone else's system gets hacked,

then your data will definitely be lost and the

second part that comes in this is that.

Now let's see what happens about retention, that many

times we install Gra

but do not use it for a long time,

so one of them is a set period of

time, if in between that, your

account becomes one of these.  If it remains active then

what will they do with your account, whatever

files you had, whatever your backup etc., whatever

data you had, in short they

delete all of them because yes, they also know

that this person

is an intruder and that  There will be no need, either

he must have changed his system, or he must have

changed his number, or he must have

changed his mobile, or he

no longer needs the account, so what they do is that

after a set period of time  All your

data is deleted

from your cloud storage, so that too tension

free, you too tension free, that too cool, you too

cool, we all too cool, ok, so let's

talk about the next thing, that is our

fourth point.  B and third party integration

Now friends, you know that there are bots etc. in kg,

if you use bots and third party integration of t g, then there are

maximum chances of your data being breached. Now

what happens in that?  That is, suppose we have to download a movie,

then the bots made are

fine, maximum bots are a little safe,

but there can be some bots

where there are some physical links,

click on them and whatever data you have.  Be it

mobile or mobile, all those things can be hacked,

okay, so to avoid this, the first thing

you have to do is that

you should first check the authenticity of whatever bots you are signing up

for.  You are joining groups,

you first check its authenticity,

okay, you understand authenticity, it

seems that it is authentic, only then you are

joining it, then after that if it means that

it is authentic, the group is authentic.  If the bot

is authentic then you should click carefully on whatever links etc. are there.

Click only when necessary and when there is compulsion. Click

and where I will say the same thing again,

join only those groups where you can trust.  Because it has been

seen many times that

data has been leaked even from the bots, so friends, let us

move towards the last thing which is the conclusion.

Okay, now there is the conclusion and some more

recommendations. Now as a conclusion you can now come to

such a point.  But we have reached such a point that now

we can discuss whether Te

Gram is

100% safe, so now see the answer is that it is

not 100% safe. Now if we

talk about safety, then the issue of safety

comes here.  Telegram also stores that data with itself, it

is okay, there

can be a breach from there also, after that there is also meta meta

address and IP tracking but

that is a special approval there too,

but you have to understand that

Telegram is tracking.  In future,

Telegram can do tracking,

their data can be stored in cloud storage, our data

is saved in their cloud storage, okay,

we have to understand this and at the same time, we

also have to understand that in the buds or groups etc.

which we  Let's join

Andha Dhun,

any movie is released today, Animal is released,

Donkey is released, Salaar is released or if

Fighter is released tomorrow, then whatever we want to watch in the first day, if we want to

watch it for free, then download it from Tegra,

download any group.  It

seems that everyone is joining.

Some link is visible. Everyone is joining.

We have to avoid all those things. Okay, we will

watch the movie after two days or spend some money and

go to the theater or do

n't do that much.  If you want, you can wait, it

comes on OTT apps etc. from somewhere,

okay, we have to keep all these things in mind, only then

our data will remain safe and

look in today's time, 2023 is over,

we have come in 2024.  In today's time,

if you are on any digital platform, you are

not 100% safe anywhere, then you should remove this thing

from your mind. Okay, so I hope

friends, you all must have understood

that safety is here.  It is not 100%, there

can be a data breach, so

you have to use it keeping all those things in mind,