classroom of the elite season 3 episode release date update

classroom of the elite season 3 all episode details and release date

classroom of the elite season 3

classroom of the elite season 3 episode release date update

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Episode 1

The Strongest Principle of Growth Lies in the Human Choice

January 3, 2024

Episode 2


January 10, 2024

Episode 3


January 17, 2024

Episode 4


January 24, 2024

Episode 5


January 31, 2024

Episode 6


February 7, 2024

Episode 7


February 14, 2024

Episode 8


February 21, 2024

Episode 9


February 28, 2024

Episode 10


March 6, 2024

Episode 11


March 13, 2024

Episode 12


March 20, 2024

Episode 13


March 27, 2024

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classroom of the elite season 3 characters list

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Characters and Voice Cast

The Classroom of the Elite Season 3 cast is as expansive as ever, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. Here are some of the starring characters of the series when we last caught up with them at the end of Season 2:

Classroom of the Elite Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji voiced by Shoya Chiba (Shinei Nozen in 86 EIGHTY-SIX)

Classroom of the Elite Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita voiced by Akari Kito (Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Classroom of the Elite Kikyo Kushida

Kikyo Kushida voiced by Yurika Kubo (Loki in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Classroom of the Elite Airi Sakura

Airi Sakura voiced by M•A•O (Iris in Fire Force)

Classroom of the Elite Kei Karuizawa

Kei Karuizawa voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Nino Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Classroom of the Elite Yousuke Hirata

Yousuke Hirata voiced by Ryota Ohsaka (Marco Bodt in Attack on Titan)

Classroom of the Elite Rokusuke Kouenji

Rokusuke Kouenji voiced by Toshiki Iwasawa (Godwin in Banished from the Heroes' Party)

Classroom of the Elite Ken Sudou

Ken Sudou voiced by Eiji Takeuchi (Nobutaka Osanai in Tokyo Revengers)

Classroom of the Elite Kanji Ike

Kanji Ike voiced by Daiki Abe

Classroom of the Elite Haruki Yamauchi

Haruki Yamauchi voiced by Mutsuki Iwanaka (Daisuke Tachibana in Tsukigakirei)

Classroom of the Elite Teruhiko Yukimura

Teruhiko Yukimura voiced by Tsubasa Gouden (Takeru Kakuryu in When Will Ayumu Make His Move?)

Classroom of the Elite Arisu Sakayanagi

Arisu Sakayanagi voiced by Rina Hidaka (Filo in The Rising of the Shield Hero)

Classroom of the Elite Kouhei Katsuragi

Kouhei Katsuragi voiced by Satoshi Hino (Otto in Ascendance of a Bookworm)

Classroom of the Elite Honami Ichinose

Honami Ichinose voiced by Nao Toyama (High Elf Archer in GOBLIN SLAYER)

Classroom of the Elite Ryuji Kanzaki

Ryuji Kanzaki voiced by Akihisa Wakayama (Regis K. Landegre in Noblesse)

Classroom of the Elite Kakeru Ryuen

Kakeru Ryuen voiced by Masaaki Mizunaka (Challe Fen Challe in Sugar Apple Fairy Tail)

Classroom of the Elite Mio Ibuki

Mio Ibuki voiced by Mikako Komatsu (Saika Totsuka in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

Classroom of the Elite Manabu Horikita

Manabu Horikita voiced by Yuichiro Umehara (Goblin Slayer in GOBLIN SLAYER)

Classroom of the Elite Akane Tachibana

Akane Tachibana voiced by Konomi Kohara (Chika Fujiwara in Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

Classroom of the Elite Sae Chabashira

Sae Chabashira voiced by Rina Satou (Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon Crystal)

Classroom of the Elite Chie Hoshinomiya

Chie Hoshinomiya voiced by Hisako Kanemoto (Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon Crystal)

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Anime Staff

Many of the staff members from previous seasons are returning, including director Yoshihito Nishoji from Season 2. Here’s an overview of the main staff behind the anime production of Classroom of the Elite Season 3:

  • Original Creator: Syougo Kinugasa, Tomoseshunsaku

  • Chief Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Seiji Kishi

  • Director: Yoshihito Nishoji (Classroom of the Elite Season 2, episodes of Assassination Classroom)

  • Series Composition: Hayato Kazano (Classroom of the Elite Season 2), Yasushi Shigenobu (Classroom of the Elite Season 2, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS)

  • Character Designer: Kazuaki Morita (Assassination Classroom, Tsukigakirei)

  • Art Director: Hirofune Hane

  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida

  • CG Director: Tomohiro Hirayama

  • Director of Photography: Naoki Serizawa

  • Music: Kana Hashiguchi, Masaru Yokoyama

  • Opening Theme Song Performer: ZAQ

  • Ending Theme Song Performer: Yui Ninomiya

  • Animation Production: Lerche

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